Lipo Laser Beds (Tables)

Lipo laser beds which are also known as lipo laser tables a beds where a patient will lie down while the procedure is carried out. The bed surface may move up and down, unlike a normal lipo laser, and the patient is automatically surrounded in pads that are attached to the beds as a structure. Overall, this is a complete lipo laser-based fat removal system with a more comprehensive treatment.

Like previous lipo laser units (both conventional and LED), the laser beds are made up of straps (pads) with diodes attached to them. Third-generation LED is used for the majority of operational technology.

When the patient will lie down on the lipo laser bed as they would be in a regular bed. And when the session starts button is pressed, and the bed adjusts the surface to the patient’s body form and pads, then wraps the patient in the targeted pads (which may include all or part of the body depending on the instructions) and begins the non-surgical liposuction procedure.

A typical session lasts ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. The setup is really simple and takes less than two minutes to finish. Simply place the patient on the table and push a button. The procedure is depicted in the diagram below.

Lipo laser (LED) beds are more expensive than regular third-generation lipo LEDs up front, but they have only a few advantages. When compared to traditional lipo lasers and LEDs, the extra cost returns for itself rapidly and gives greater profitability. These beds have the following important advantages:

Benefit: Easy cleaning

The system has the benefit of being easy to maintain. These devices are much easier to clean than traditional lipo lasers. This is due to the structure of the system, its automation, and the nature of the processes. This simplifies things and enables you to finish more sessions with less effort.

Major Benefit: Self Running System (Staff Hiring Not Necessary)

Lipo laser beds (tables) are distinguished from other lipolasers by this feature. The entire process is so well-automated that it almost runs on its own. You don’t need to hire more staff or run your business on your own. The patient will be able to self-operate, and you will be able to start the procedure with a single button click if you so desire. While the machines have a high upfront cost, depending on your business volume, it might take up to 1.5 to 2 years for the cost to be recovered, after which it becomes highly profitable. Furthermore, the problems of finding competent employees, ensuring that they complete their work, and ensuring that they behave appropriately are all gone. Furthermore, the patients have a more comprehensive and enjoyable experience.


Only a few lipo laser beds/tables are made due to a lack of awareness among purchasers. The warranties, on the other hand, are comparable to any other lipo LED/laser unit warranty, and because these units are infrequently used, they tend to last longer.

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